Bolentino Fishing

The "Bolentino" is one of the most exciting sport fishing techniques practicable at any time of day and at any time of the year, although the most fishy period than the period from the beginning of September until the middle of December. A first group of cliffs in egadiano sea is about a mile from the coast of Marsala, a second about two miles to the southwest, while the last row is fishy about eight and a half miles and more specifically to wide of Marettimo. Conducive to this type of fishing is the sirocco wind blows on the coast almost every day, throughout the summer, from midday until late afternoon, disappearing finally in the evening hours.

For the season 2019 the Egadi Charter offers its customers the ability to provide more opportunities entertainment to the Egadi Islands . Renting a boat in open fiberglass makes it possible to have at its disposal a real houseboat, with which shift during the day and staying each night in a different place. The rental inflatable boats with and without skipper , guided excursions in the new service Mini Cruise to the Egadi with the motorboat Venus with breakfast and lunch on board.